Elements Church of Summit County

Hey, you’re not alone. In a very real way, belonging is a search for all of humanity, but it hits those of us in Summit County differently. Sure, in the beginning all we cared about was the first big snow, right? We were happy to have some fun connections and someone to ski with…for awhile. But eventually we all come to a place where we realize the brutal truth:
It’s hard to make good friends here.
I don’t mean people who will do something when it’s convenient, I mean people who will come pull you out of a ditch at 3:00 in the morning. I mean people who will have fun with you, challenge you to grow, and have your back. There’s a word we use to describe this:
I know that’s a loaded word, but the fact is, as Christians we are part of the Family of God. It’s a good Family. It’s actually healthy, although inescapably flawed because, well, that’s how humans are. And we know that chances are you don’t have family here, because 98% of us don’t. So that means, yeah…you’re looking for a place to belong.
And that’s where Elements Church comes in. We are a group of people dedicated to loving and serving each other, to growing and learning from each other. You don’t have to believe as we do to come check us out, be our friends, and belong. So give us a shot…we just might surprise you.


Elements Church
P.O. Box 562
Silverthorne, CO  80498