Kids Church Summit County

Currently Elements Church is filled with the joy, laughter, and noisiness that comes with having a lot of children around! We love kids, and we love the parents who are doing their best to raise these little ones with a knowledge of God. Our experience tells us that the best way for children to learn about God, is to be in a loving, truthful community of others who are doing the same.
Our kids’ program on Sunday nights is a great start to enfolding your children into more of a godly, flawed, beautiful Christian community. They will play together, sing together, hear about Jesus and stories from the Bible, and share with us what they are learning from Him too. We also love to enfold children into our missional community meetings, in a slightly less formal context where they can observe their parents worship, teach, and receive prayer.
Contact us if you’d like more information on Elements Kids’ Church.
Elements Church
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