Elements Church of Summit County

Holistic Spirituality is a journey motivated by love and thankfulness, empowered by the Holy Spirit, in which the disciple becomes conformed to the image of Jesus Christ, reflecting him in character, mission, obedience, sacrifice, and submission toward the Father in all areas of life.

Authentic community is a family of imperfect disciples, marked by love, honesty and devotion to Jesus and to one another, which values diversity, resolves conflict biblically, invites accountability, and reveals God’s grace to the greater community.

Unguarded openness is a posture of being appropriately honest, transparent and vulnerable with oneself, others and God, encouraging mutual submission and accountability, being good listeners and providing a safe and confidential environment for sharing, facilitating healing and reconciliation when trust is violated.

Liberal Generosity is an attitude that imitates the generous heart of God, going beyond what is reasonable and expected, and motivated by love for God, His people and His purposes, such that it gives joyfully and responsibly in all areas with no expectation of reward and it recognizes and affirms generosity in others.

Intentional Multiplication is purposeful reproduction at every level, allowing for distinctiveness in each new creation while being joined together in Covenant relationship. Disciples make disciples, leaders raise up leaders, groups generate groups, and churches plant churches.

Fun is something that we should never have to define. But, we believe in having lots of it, together! To the hill!


Elements Church
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